Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Last post before the break

V. Yadav at the Duck notes that Obama is planning a trip to Myanmar/Burma and adds:
Meanwhile, Burmese Nobel Laureate and opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, has supported the idea of sending more government troops to Rakhine state to quell the violence between Buddhists and the Rohingya Muslim minority population — increasing the correlation between winning the Nobel peace prize and supporting a “troop surge” to two.
The situation of the persecuted Rohingyas is an underreported story in the U.S. and something I've been meaning to mention for a while. Vikash beat me to it. It is probably connected, in probably complicated ways, to recent tensions and violence between Muslims and Buddhists in Bangladesh (h/t HC). (Might help to be a specialist on the region fully to untangle these threads.)

This is my last post before I take a break from posting (which will also entail something of a break from my perusal of the blogosphere in general). [So this is also your last chance to comment before the break.]  


TT said...

Hope you're doing something fun during the break. :)

LFC said...

Thanks, TT. Unfortunately no plans that qualify as "fun" with a capital 'F' (e.g. interesting travel). But I hope to, among other things, read more in the pages of books and a little less on my computer screen. :)

hank_F_M said...


Have fun!

LFC said...

Thanks, Hank.

LFC said...

And I should take this opportunity to thank the regular readers and everyone else who stopped by here in 2012. (The break will run through the end of the year, at least.)