Friday, June 17, 2016

Soft landing: July 31

This blog has been running for more than eight years -- the first post went up on May 23, 2008 -- and I believe the time has arrived to wind it up or, to use a cliché, bring it in for a soft landing.   For one thing, my impulse to blog has weakened and I'm increasingly busy with  other things.  Second, the readership has shrunk from small to minuscule.

There may or may not be a little more posting in June or July -- I'm not sure.  The last day of active operation for Howl at Pluto will be July 31, 2016.  I'll leave the site up but I don't plan to post anything after that.  My thanks to those who have read and commented here over the years, as well as to those who wrote guest posts -- HC and Peter T.

ETA: And I should acknowledge and thank Hank F_M_ as the most faithful reader from the blog's very beginning to now, even though he and I often disagree on politics and other matters.


Peter T said...

Shame. I've picked up a pile of worth-while references here over the past couple of years. Even read a few of them.

And the posts are often thought-provoking in the best way.

LFC said...

Thanks Peter. I appreciate your guest posts here.

I'm planning to put up at least one substantive post in July, so I'm not *quite* done yet.

JS said...

LFC -- Sorry to hear! I don't comment very regularly but I have been a regular reader for a while now (mostly on my RSS reader). Looking forward to the July post. I found the patriotism/nationalism post intriguing fwiw, I'd never thought of the distinction that way.

LFC said...

Thanks. Have appreciated your reading & comments.

To be honest, I'm not completely sure at this point what I will put up between now and July 31, so perhaps I shouldn't have signalled/foreshadowed a post that may or may not materialize.

LFC said...

p.s. I also have one completed post in draft but I'm not too happy with it -- plus it's about a book that came out a long time ago (and did not attain the status of a classic or anything like that). So I've been reluctant to put it up. I've done a certain amount of self-second-guessing like this over the years, so have ended up with a number of posts that never made it out of the draft stage. That's probably true of a fair number of bloggers, unless one blogs at a place (like LGM, say) that has a big hungry audience and where there accordingly is a good reason to get things up quickly and constantly.