Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wesleyan screams for Obama

Sen. Obama replaced Sen. Kennedy as Wesleyan's graduation speaker this year after the latter withdrew following his cancer diagnosis.

According to a May 25 New York Times piece, "A Spike in Screams Before Graduation," this was the initial reaction:

"'Everyone found out at the same time after we put it on our Web page,' said Holly Wood (yes, but she’s actually just a working-class kid from the Poconos), co-founder of a widely read student blog, Wesleying ( 'I got out of my car and everyone was screaming, and my phone went off and someone told me, and I screamed. I called my mom, and she screamed. It was like this relay effect of people on the campus, all screaming.'"

Let's hope the speech met expectations.

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