Sunday, June 15, 2008

Nuclear matters

The A.Q. Khan nuclear smuggling ring got its hands on blueprints for a compact, missile-ready nuclear device, according to news reports. The blueprints were found in computers owned by a Swiss businessman and have now been destroyed under the supervision of the IAEA. However, there is a possibility they were circulated before being destroyed; see Joby Warrick's front-page article in Wash. Post today.

Earlier (May 12), Warrick had a long piece about the rising number of countries seeking permission from the IAEA to launch nuclear power industries, including in some cases enrichment and reprocessing capabilities. The U.S. is upset that, for instance, Canada wants to develop such a capability. Not that it is concerned about a nuclear-armed Canada but rather about the potential spread of nuclear material. Earth to the Bush admin: which country's soldiers are serving in one of the most dangerous parts of Afghanistan? If Canada wants this fuel-cycle capability, perhaps you should just consider dropping objections.

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