Saturday, December 6, 2008

'Revolutionary Road' to the screen

Apparently Richard Yates's caustic portrait of post-war suburbia, Revolutionary Road (1961), is to be a movie, with Leonardo diCaprio and Kate Winslet. It's quite a good novel and if the movie drives people to the book, I'm for it. I also want to see Slum Dog Millionaire.

As for the casting of Rev. Road: I get Winslet confused sometimes with Keira Knightley, though they really don't look that similar. I almost said that I saw Winslet in Atonement, then I remembered that was Knightley. Which of them is the better actress? What about diCaprio? Just another pretty face, or can he act? He was actually not too bad in that Howard Hughes movie (can't remember the title offhand) and not too bad in Scorsese's Gangs of New York, a movie that appeared at times to have been shot with a camera lens coated in mud. DiCaprio was also in that rather pointless movie about the check-kiting con artist who is pursued by the Tom Hanks FBI agent. I saw some of it once on TV but, again, can't remember the title.

Yes, movie titles appear to be fleeing the memory banks en masse. More important things to keep stored there.

P.s. Yes, I know about IMDb, just too lazy to use it.
Pp.s. L.D. was also in that movie about blood diamonds, which I didn't see. Opinions about it out there?
Yet another p.s. If you google 'revolutionary road' you can find at least a couple of reviews of the entire movie (not just the trailer). Some critics evidently have been allowed to see it.

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