Monday, May 11, 2009

Sri Lanka: civilians caught in the war zone

Perhaps the last phases of civil wars are often the most brutal. That certainly seems to be the case in Sri Lanka, where the LTTE (Tamil Tigers, for short) are making what may be a last stand in a 2.4-mile-long coastal area. Tragically, there are 50,000 civilians in the area, at least 378 of whom were killed by shelling last night. According to an AP report (in the Express edition of today's Wash. Post): "A rebel-linked Web site blamed the attack on the government, while the military accused the beleaguered Tamil Tigers of shelling their own territory to gain international sympathy and force a truce." Reaction from Ban Ki-moon and others is reported here.

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Anonymous said...

According to the latest reports, the LTTE leadership has now been killed, and Asia's longest-running civil war is formally over. I hope the international community will continue to pay close attention to developments in Sri Lanka.