Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ilie Nastase, anyone?

So I'm watching the quite amazing Federer-Roddick Wimbledon final. The NBC announcer has noted several times the presence of Borg, Laver, and Sampras in the past champions' seats near the court. Yet who is sitting behind Borg, clearly visible? Why, none other than Ilie Nastase. OK, he was no Borg, Laver or Sampras, and he had a temper and he was controversial. But he was still a pretty darn good tennis player. Yet neither Ted Robinson, the announcer, nor John McEnroe, commenting with him, has seen fit to mention Nastase's presence.
P.s. Manuel Santana was also there; I believe Robinson did mention him once.


Jo said...

Yes I totally agree!! I thought it was rude and then wondered if it was him since there was no mention - but it was him!!!

LFC said...

It sure was. His face is unmistakable. A glance at Wikipedia confirms, among other things, that he won the Wimbledon doubles in '73 and was no.1 in the world from August '73 to June '74. Also he won more than 100 (combined total) singles and doubles titles. Thanks for chiming in, Jo!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Nastase the original bad boy before McEnroe came along?

LFC said...

Yup, I think that's probably a fair characterization.