Saturday, August 29, 2009

A bit more on Kennedy

I've just been looking at the op-ed page of Thursday's Wash Post, which I bought in hard copy. It's entirely devoted to reflections on Ted Kennedy by regular columnists Will, Broder, Dionne, and Cohen, plus some shorter reflections by others. E.J. Dionne tells a story of Kennedy calling him and leaving an empathic message which Dionne found after returning from spending the day at the hospital in '95 with his ill young son (who recovered). David Broder also ends his column on a personal note. And George Will concludes that Kennedy's life showed "a substantial positive balance," though Will, as one might expect, also works some criticism into his column.

Appropriately, I guess, I'm finishing up Alan Wolfe's book on liberalism and will be posting a review in due course.

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