Saturday, December 26, 2009

Eritrean ambassador to UK: "We have never, never, never" aided Somali Islamists

In response to UN Security Council sanctions against Eritrea, the first SC sanctions according to this report since the 2006 sanctions against Iran, the Eritrean ambassador to Britain is quoted as saying: "Now we are 100% sure that we have never, never, never supplied military equipment or otherwise to the extremists in Somalia."

Perhaps there is an inverse relation between the heatedness of a denial and the breadth of consensus that an allegation is true.


Simon said...

What you need to ask is who is benefiting from this and who is pulling the strings.
Ethiopia is benefiting to the tune of $3billion, and the other countries that make the IGAD (Djibouti, Uganda etc) who instigated all this are the main beneficiaries of the WOT in Somalia.
It is typical concocted propaganda to hide their own involvement and Ethiopia’s crimes.
The sad thing is AU and UN are being used as a rubber stamps for the few countries adventures in Somalia and in the Horn of Africa.
In 2007 the UN monitoring group published the same falsified report that claimed 2000 Eritrean Special forces were dispatched to Somalia before the invasion, yet not a single Eritrean soldier was found dead or alive in Somalian soil. You are a journalist, go and ask the UN where did they vanish to ?
But there are evidence upon evidence of the US, Ethiopia, AU peace keepers running arms in Somalia. Here are few links from Reuters incase you have forgotten.
Have you asked why the very Ilyushin 76 that the UN monitoring group accused Eritrea of using to transport arms, crashed in lake victoria transporting American Dyncorp contractors and AMISOM soldiers ?
Well never mind, we live in make belief world, where Ethics and Justice does not exist

LFC said...

Thank you for the comment and the links, which I've not yet had a chance to follow up. (I was either not online or out most of the afternoon and evening and just got back to my computer.)

Let me say a couple of things, however:
1) I am a generalist scholar of international politics with certain specific interests but I am not an expert on the Horn of Africa or Somalia in particular. I saw this report on the BBC website and I was struck by the vehemence of the Eritrean spokesman's denial. My very brief post was the result. Perhaps the denial is in fact correct and the UN is wrong here; I will suspend judgment for the time being until I can read some more about this. (I note however that you do not explain how "Ethiopia is benefiting to the tune of $3 billion" from the current situation.)

2)"You are a journalist..."
I am in fact not a journalist inasmuch as I do not do any independent reporting. To date this blog has contained commentary and analysis etc. rather than independent reporting. Limits of time and resources -- no one is paying me to do this and I derive no financial gain from it whatsoever and I am just one person with other things to do -- militate against my embarking on reporting.