Friday, March 4, 2011

Brief interruption of spring break

The billionaire philanthropist George Soros apparently has now set himself up as a social scientist, pronouncing on what has caused the revolutions in the Mideast. No one could disagree with his calls for more transparency and accountability and greater sharing of oil wealth with the populations, but the fact is that we don't know exactly what caused these revolutions. Social scientists and historians are still arguing over the causes of the French revolution of 1789 and the Russian revolution of 1917, just to take two examples, and it is absurd for Mr. Soros to suppose that he has divined "the cause" of these revolutions. There is comparable oil wealth and corruption in Nigeria but there has been no comparable society-wide revolution there -- what about that, Mr. Soros? I guess if you're a billionaire philanthropist and everyone hangs on your every word, you consider yourself entitled to pronounce on anything.

[The spring break will now resume]

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