Friday, May 6, 2011

Scotland forever

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has scored gains in local elections and looks set to win a majority in the Scottish parliament. According to the linked article: "The SNP's leader, Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond, promised to push for a referendum on Scottish independence during the next four years."

With the caveat that I know nothing about this (it's becoming a mantra here), I suspect that Scottish independence looked more plausible when the EU was in better shape than it is right now. Who needed Britain when an independent Scotland could get the benefits of economic integration and a common currency as an EU member? But the EU at the moment may not appear to be as strong a reed to lean on as it once did. Plus, seceding from the UK would mean no more good seats at royal weddings. Though I guess an independent Scotland could join the Commonwealth? Somehow I don't think that's in the SNP platform.


El Jefe Maximo said...

The question, I suppose, is whether the SNP can get its referendum arranged when things are on the economic uproll -- that is, captitalize on its majority at a time when people feel more economically secure than might be the case at present, and thus more willing to take chances.

The whole thing seems like a longshot, if only because the ability to protect the welfare state becomes that much less secure, and the devolution arrangement gives the Scots so many advantages. But stranger things have happened.

If things move seriously towards independence, I can't imagine there would be a problem keeping the crown, via Commonwealth arrangement or otherwise.

LFC said...

Re keeping the crown: probably, but I suspect the SNP may not want to. Have to look that up.