Friday, February 8, 2013

The mentality of...what?

A group called Republican Women of Clifton (Va.) has rented a room in a public school (after school hours) to hear a speaker who will address:
the treatment of women in Islamic society and how the Hijab is a catalyst for Islamism because it leads to the mentality of passive terrorism and silent support for Sharia Law in Western societies.
This is incoherent nonsense. The "mentality of passive terrorism" is  a meaningless phrase because terrorism, by definition, is not passive. If they mean something like "tacit support for terrorism," it's rubbish to suggest that wearing a headscarf has anything to do with that. This is part of the right-wing scare campaign which claims that there is a Secret Plot to impose sharia law in the U.S. It's idiocy and prejudice, period.  

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