Friday, May 31, 2013

End-of-month linkage

(better-late-than-never edition: most of this is from last month)

Climate change and divestment: here (scroll down to Act Three).

Extreme poverty: interview with World Bank pres. Jim Yong Kim (PBS NewsHour, April 18); the comments left on the transcript appear to be, um, interesting.

Jane Austen, game theorist: here.

Afghan Nat'l Army: WaPo's Kevin Sieff reports (from April 7) on Afghan Nat'l Army (ANA) battalions as they moved, on their own, into a Taliban stronghold, removed a lot of mines and explosives, conducted some firefights, and left; the ANA, at least in this case, has neither the money nor the men, he notes, to set up permanent outposts as the U.S./ISAF forces often did in insurgent areas they had 'cleared'.

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