Wednesday, January 29, 2014

In "this town" but not of it

There are many Washington, D.C.s, not just the one punctured (or so I gather) in Leibovitz's This Town. And if there's a loop here (by "here" I mean Wash. DC plus Md. and Va. environs), I'm usually out of it. The thought occurred to me just now when I learned, via a story linked by blogger Pub Editor, that Ezra Klein is leaving the Wash. Post. The linked story called it the "talk of the town" but it was the first I had heard of it. And if I hadn't glanced at Pub Editor's blog just now I still wouldn't know about it. I read Klein at WaPo only very occasionally so it's not going to be a big deal for me one way or the other. When Monkey Cage moved to WaPo I pretty much stopped reading the Cage. For one thing there are a limited number of free articles one gets per month and to date I've been too frugal/cheap/whatever to take a digital subscription. CORRECTION: Ronan in comments reminds me that Monkey Cage is actually free for a year following the switch, and after that free if you arrive at it through twitter. So I guess I stopped reading it because I just stopped reading it.  


Ronan said...

The monkey cage is actually completely free at the min (no limit on articles for a year - then in a year if you click through twitter they claim there are no limits)
I do think the quality has dropped considerably. Or, at least to my unexpert eyes

LFC said...

You know, Ronan, I remember now that Monkey Cage said free for a year and I completely forgot. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I started paying $10/month for the WaPo because of Klein, and now I may quit - frankly I forget about the subscription.

The Post is an okay paper - I'd much rather have the NYT, but it thinks itself worth more than $10/month.

Btw, the Post move seems likely to kill the Volokh commenting community, if early indications are valid.

LFC said...

Hmm, that might be bad for Volokh, no?

Anonymous said...

You would think. The commenting surely drove lots of the page clicks, which I presume in turn drive ad revenue.

The prior body of WaPo commenters may make up for the difference. I'm seeing a few regulars, but lots missing too. (I need to thank Mark Field for recommending Jonathan Israel to me.)

Anonymous said...

I've pretty much stopped reading Volokh since the move.

And I think the Monkey Cage did change in some ways (style, tone) after the move, although I have continued to read Monkey Cage posts lately.

On the other hand, I was worried a few years ago when moved to the NY Times, and I was pleasantly surprised that Nate Silver and company managed to run a pretty good blog under the Times umbrella. (Of course, now I've stopped reading 538 since Silver left...)

LFC said...

Actually I think my reading of Monkey Cage had become somewhat more sporadic even before its move. I thought Erik Voeten and some of the others did have good posts usually. James Fearon, another occasional MC contributor, is a big name in IR but I guess I never really warmed up to his infrequent posts, though there was nothing esp. wrong w them. In fact I've never properly read Fearon's "Rationalist Explanations for War" which is like the ur-article for an entire IR subfield (one esp. strong in the U.S.). It wasn't assigned in my (somewhat odd) ph.d. program. (I guess can admit this down here w/o too much embarrassment or whatever. Provided that Phil Arena doesn't come around and see it.)