Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Preview of USIH roundtable on U.S. foreign policy and the Left

In July I'm participating in a roundtable on U.S. foreign policy and the Left at the U.S. Intellectual History (USIH) blog. Andrew Hartman has a preview of it here, with abstracts from the nine participants. It looks like there'll be a nice mix of contributions.

[P.s. My abstract is short and perhaps a bit harsh in tone, so pls wait for the actual essay before rushing to judgment.]


Ronan said...

Ah nice, I look forward to it!

Ronan said...

ps..only clicked through now. I remember seeing that Perry A long article at NLR (but couldnt read as dont sub) Looks like an interesting set of responses.

LFC said...

I agree, it does.

[Now I have to actually write the darn thing, which will entail some more reading also (well, bits of it are written, but mostly in my head).]

hank_F_M said...



I am looking forward to it.

LFC said...

thks. I'm sure comments from all parts of the political spectrum will be welcome over there.
(Though I shd add that every blog has its own prevailing tone, and the comments at USIH, whatever the substance, fall on the polite part of the tone spectrum. So disagreement shd prob be expressed in that way, rather than in the you-**!?!***!!!-LGM-style. Not that you do that. OK, nuff said on that.)