Thursday, September 25, 2014

Degrade, not destroy

You (a generic "you") may notice that I haven't been writing recently about what's going in the world now, preferring instead to meander through the French Revolution and Napoleon. Ok. Time to opine on ISIS and the air campaign. Actually I don't have much to say about it beyond the thought that Obama should not have set the goal as being to "destroy" the group. That's too high a bar, and also not necessary. "Degrade seriously" would be enough.    


hank_F_M said...

found in a White House men's room waste basket.


*** DRAFT ***
*** TOP Secret ***


From: Commander and Chief, US Armed Forces

To: Commander, US Central Command.

I. Situation:

ISIS/ISIL has taken over part of SYRIA and IRAQ, contrary to the wishes of the Iraqi Government and responsible forces in Syria.

The policy of the US Government is to (destroy/degrade) Isis. Ultimately this is the responsibly of the diplomatic, and economic agencies of the US government. However they cannot function effectively while ISIS maintains a serious military capability.

II. Mission:

US Central Command will destroy the ISIL capability to conduct offensive military operations in Syria and Iraq to destroy Isil's military capability.

US Central command will assist the Iraqi government in obtaining at nominal control of Iraqi territory held by ISIS.

III. Execution:

In Iraq this will be done by assisting and supporting, remotely or on site, Iraqi ground and air operations recapture it's national territory; and conducting ground and air operations against Sisl where necessary.

In Syria This will be done by conducting air operation against Isil and ground operations if ordered.

Barak H Obama

*** DRAFT ***


I know it is not politically correct, but the government spent a lot of your tax dollars teaching me to think like a soldier. It's a hard habit to break.

If he President would commit the resources and political will to support it, it would be a workable solution to the military part of the problem, and make work on the other aspects possible.

Any thing much less will most likely fail with many unnecessary deaths to show for it.

LFC said...

Isn't that basically the military part of the strategy he's laid out, except for the "ground operations if ordered"?

hank_F_M said...


I would hope so. But the news make it sound like we are a day late and a dollar short of where we should be.

I am afraid that domestic political concerns will prevent the commitment of enough resources and political will to accomplish it.