Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A missed comment

Looking back over some old posts last night, I ran across a comment I don't think I had seen before. It showed up in the comment file, which I check periodically, but for some reason I missed it.

The post, from Sept. 9, 2014, was this:
Why has Kissinger, at 91, published a 400-page volume called World Order that seems, judging from this review, to be mostly a repetition of things he's said before?
And the comment by 'anonymous', from Nov. 19:
Why are people actually giving it publicity? (and I don't mean you) What does that say about the reviewers?
I think the answer is that any book by Kissinger automatically gets publicity. In the case of the NYT, for example, some editor probably made the decision to review it and then assigned it to the reviewer, so I wouldn't especially blame the reviewer in that case.

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