Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Note to readers

I plan to take a break from posting for the rest of this month and into March.

Update (2-19): Though I am taking a break, there will be a guest post here soon Monday, Feb. 23. Stay tuned for that.


LFC said...

Now folks, don't whine, cry, and protest so loudly all at once. There's plenty else to read in the blogosphere, even if it isn't as great and high-trafficked as the stuff here. ;)

LFC said...

Plus, I promise I'll never use S. Lemieux-isms like "green lanternism" and "trooferism" for the good reason that I have only a vague idea what (if anything) they mean, and little interest in wasting my time pinning down a definition. See you later.

Ronan said...


Ronan said...

Perhaps you could refund my subscription? ; )

LFC said...

Ha ha!

LFC said...

Thought I might mention some things that are or might be on my reading list in coming weeks/months, as I hope to spend less time online and more reading (we'll see).

--Plan to finish the small number of pp. I have left in Wright's The Looming Tower, a bk that I read most of and then put aside.

--Probably will read Mearsheimer's Why Leaders Lie, as it's v. short, fits this blog's general subject focus, and I just bought it on sale from Oxford U.P.

--Just ran across a bk from the mid-1990s by Richard Ohmann on mass culture in the U.S. at turn of the 20th cent. Looks quite interesting, though of course has nothing to do w IR. (Listed as on the shelf at the univ. lib. where i can borrow bks.)

--There's a recent bk on Althusser that looks sort of interesting, but i'll prob decide it's too heavy to actually read through, though might look at it.

--G. Poggi's 1978 bk on the state. Shd prob. have cited it in my diss. but didn't. I own the paperback, have dipped into it. Whether I will read it is a ?.

--More Melville? possibly. (Plus there are always various classic works i'm embarrassed to admit not having read and that i might decide to tackle. Or not.)

--A bk (translated version) from the early 1980s by the Fr. journalist Gerard Challiand, based on 2 trips he made to Afghanistan in 1980. Picked it up at a used bkstore a while back. Have glanced at it. Obvs v. dated, but has a short historical survey of the country followed by his observations about the war betw Soviet forces and their opponents. Doubt I'll actually read it tho wd be interesting as a retrospective exercise.

--A recent edited bk on the Cold War and the US, think it's called 'Uncertain Empire' (not bothering to double-check now). Possible.