Saturday, May 23, 2015

What I learned tonight (or is it this morning?) at LGM

(1) I learned that among the sites my old computer can't really handle (too much ad volume, I guess) is a site called The Toast. (I'm still using the old computer because I've been too lazy to do certain essential preliminary things on the new one. Soon [sigh].)

(2) I learned that my friends Ronan and TBA are still regular readers of LGM, which I more or less knew -- I just hadn't been over there for a while. (Btw, thanks for defending me vs. 'troll' charges in that thread, Ronan.)

Have a great weekend, all!

(P.s. For those who may be new to the blogosphere, LGM = Lawyers Guns & Money.)


Ronan said...

It was a storm in a teacup on that thread, to say the least ; )

LFC said...


I guess I was prob. feeling a bit embittered and curmudgeonly ;)(to borrow some words).
But I'm in a (slightly) better mood now.

Ronan said...

The thing is, LFC, barely 5 minutes after I wrote that "Im not going to be an embittered curmudgeon" comment on CT, I was back on twitter tweeting to a stranger that he was a complete moron.
He was a moron though, so I get a pass on it.

LFC said...

so I get a pass on it

I don't think I have much inclination to get a twitter account, though I realize not having one distances me from the 'social media' world. But then I'm not on Facebook either. Time management is not one of my stronger points, so it's prob. just as well...