Friday, August 21, 2015

The most dangerous candidate?

The most dangerous of the current bunch of presidential candidates may be Ted Cruz.  He strikes me as a demagogue par excellence.  Of course I realize he has competition for that title.


JS said...

Totally agree with this. I watched the first GOP debate (I know, I know!), and that dude is flat out scary—and not an obvious fool like Trump.

LFC said...

I don't have a working TV so didn't see the debate. But I've heard Cruz on the radio, most recently in a speech at the Iowa state fair (or some venue in Iowa). The thing is he clearly must know, e.g., that his statement that a nuclear-armed Iran wd be "the greatest natl-security threat to the U.S." is nonsense. But he has no compunction about saying it anyway. That's just one of quite a few possible examples.