Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bill on India-U.S. nuclear deal signed

Bush has signed the bill finalizing the India-U.S. nuclear deal. More on it later, perhaps.


Jake Liscow said...

I feel like this has been in the news for most of his presidency. I guess he finally got one of his major legislative/international initiatives accomplished. I'm surprised there isn't more media uproar - although there probably is in Pakistan.

LFC said...

Opinions differ on the merits of the U.S./India nuclear agreement, but in my view the improvement in U.S.-India relations symbolized by the agreement is one of the few foreign-policy accomplishments of the Bush administration. As a critic/opponent of most aspects of the Bush foreign policy, I nonetheless think the administration should be given credit when it has done something constructive, as in this case. I'm sure the press in Pakistan has been paying more attention to the progress of the nuclear deal than the press here, though I haven't been following the English-language Pakistani media and, regrettably, I don't read Urdu.