Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The worst result so far...

...is the (apparent) defeat of Russ Feingold. :(

Of course, there are other bad results, but this one I think is a particular loss for the Senate.


hank_F_M said...



I live just south of the Chedder Curtain, and work takes me up there. A good generic Democratic Senator but nothing special.

LFC said...

I'm preparing for a conference this weekend; will answer this when I return.
(and same for your other comment)

LFC said...

I didn't follow Feingold's career closely but he struck me as principled and effective. (There may of course be some votes he regrets, such as his vote to confirm his law school classmate John Roberts.)

hank_F_M said...


Hope you had agood conference.

T. Greer said...

I am one of those tea-party leaning conservatives and I was sorry to see Mr. Feingold out. He, along with Mr. Webb, was one of the two Democratic senators I could speak kindly about. His record speaks for itself - the only Senator to vote against PATRIOT and one of the only Democrats to vote against the bail out. He was one fo the Senate's greatest enemies of government intervention in the private sphere. It was dissapointing to see him voted out of office on claims to the contrary.

LFC said...

Glad we have a point of agreement on something.