Monday, March 11, 2013

Sea of fire, ring of fire, and jumping into water

I did say "light posting" a while back, remember? Well, this is what counts as light posting here (with a play on the word "light," get it? [Reader to me: shut up and proceed].)

OK. Kim Jong Un has annulled the armistice and threatened to engulf various places, or at least Seoul and the District of Columbia, in a "sea of fire." Several serious comments on this can be found attached to this post at the blog Political Violence@A Glance.

I must confess what came almost instantly to my mind upon hearing "sea of fire" (a threat that the DPRK has apparently issued before) was Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" (dated version here).

And after "Ring of Fire" I somehow found myself watching a YouTube video featuring someone named James Blunt. I had never heard of James Blunt because the sum total of what I know about contemporary pop music can be written on a postage stamp and I don't typically watch pop music videos. (I have seen the "Call Me Maybe" video. That's about it.) Anyway, here Blunt sings, in a high, almost falsetto voice (perhaps strike "almost"), about a girl he saw on the subway who is beautiful but he realizes he will never be with her so he takes off his shirt and his watch and his shoes and he jumps into a body of water from a substantial height.

This video has something on the order of 32,000,000 views.

Whatever turns you on, people.

At any rate this much is clear: no one is watching James Blunt videos in North Korea, except possibly Kim Jong Un and a few others who presumably can watch whatever they want, whenever they want.

You thought I was going to do something really clever in this post with fire and water, didn't you? Sorry.

Update: And while Kim does whatever Kim does, S. Korean generals play golf.

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