Friday, February 14, 2014

The art (?) of forgetting

Something I read recently put me in mind of a line from Elizabeth Bishop's poem "One Art."  Though I didn't remember the poem's title (and wasn't entirely sure about the author either), I did remember the key line -- except for one crucial word. What I remembered was "the art of ... isn't hard to master."  I had to look up the poem for the missing word. The line is, of course, "the art of losing isn't hard to master."


Anonymous said...

You have just reminded me of a dream about Bishop. I was in the checkout line at a store, and was surprised to see they had a book of hers for sale by the register; I was recalling my being put off of her by a bad experience in honors Eng Comp I (that much is true), and thinking I should give her another go, but then I realized that the volume was actually collected prose, not poetry.

Yes, I have really dull dreams.

LFC said...

I rarely remember my dreams -- and when I do remember them I usually then forget them after a couple of days. (There are one or two exceptions.)

So I'm impressed you remember this one, and in such detail.