Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tues. linkage

The first two are long-ish posts -- the second one in particular -- neither of which I've read with the care they prob. deserve, but mentioning here in case people missed them and are interested:

-- R. Farley reviews R. Overy's The Bombing War [I know Anderson's seen this review already b/c he's in the comment thread].

-- R. Rao on the Khobrogade incident and related matters. If pressed for time one might, I suppose, skip to the end for the Indian Sup Ct's 1925 definition of "carnal intercourse."

-- Also, T. Marvin on why the U.S. should get rid of its land-based ICBMs. (He also has a follow-up post which I haven't read.)


hank_F_M said...


The Bombing War review and comments are prtty good, nothing I found to really new but the sort of thing that needs to be repeaed ofteh.

SInce no one seems to have mentioned it I threw in a comment.

LFC said...

Thanks, Hank.
I thought you'd be interested in that review, which I really only skimmed.