Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Book notes

In case you missed it, Gaddis's biography of Kennan, mentioned here previously, won the Pulitzer Prize for biography, while the late Manning Marable's book on Malcolm X won the history prize (via); I also happened to read another review of Gaddis, by Frank Costigliola in the New York Review of Books, that I found quite interesting. (He criticizes Gaddis for giving Kennan's later views -- on Vietnam, nuclear weapons, etc. -- too little emphasis.)

Recently published: Rachel Maddow's Drift (on U.S. foreign/military policy) and Timothy Noah's The Great Divergence (on income inequality in the U.S.) are aimed at a broad audience and I imagine will be getting a fair amount of discussion, especially Noah. (Drift is mentioned in this post.)

Lastly, some who are stopping by here may be interested in this (not yet published).

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