Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shouldn't they be, um, studying, or at least asleep?

From a long post by Timothy Burke, Swarthmore professor and eloquent blogger:
At Swarthmore this semester..., some students were deeply annoyed that the administration attempted to enforce a rule against parties between midnight and 2am on Thursday nights (or Friday mornings, to be more precise).
I'm feeling old, kill-joyish, and stick-in-the-mudish. Students should not be partying on Thursday nights, or on any weekday nights. More to say here, but it will conjure up the image of a middle-aged person harrumphing, so I'll refrain. What really makes me feel old is the fact that one of my contemporaries (actually one of my brother's contemporaries, but same diff) has a daughter now at Swarthmore. (I'd guess she's not partying on Thursday nights. But I don't know.)

P.s. If American English is your native language and you don't know the expression "same diff," you're too young to be reading this blog.


hank_F_M said...


Improve the curve.

Assuming the test is on Friday.

Pay a friend to hold a major bash for classmates on Thursday night.

Don't attend - Get a good nights sleep.

Get a much higher score relative to the class on Friday.

Don't know if it would work, I would have been attending the party.

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LFC said...

Pay a friend to hold a major bash...


Applied ethics, anyone?