Friday, March 11, 2016

Linkage: yet another piece on Obama and foreign policy

Drezner comments here on Goldberg's essay (which I haven't read).


Peter T said...

well, the comments are a cesspit.

I read the article, and thought is mixed up genuine reporting of Obama's views with Washington gossip and partisan barrow-pushing in a way that made it very hard to separate them.

You will have gathered from my contributions on the Middle East that I don't think much of the US foreign policy community. If Obama shares my view, that obviously makes him right (and a better person).

LFC said...

the comments are a cesspit

That's pretty much par for the course at WaPo (w/ some exceptions, I suppose). I didn't even glance at 'em.

I suppose I should read the Goldberg piece at some point, though to be honest I don't really feel like it.

p.s. speaking of bad comments, some of the commenters at Corey Robin's blog are just way out there. His recent post on 'Liberalism and the Millennials' attracted some of the most bizarre and, frankly, wacko comments that I've seen in a while.

LFC said...

ok, I'm going offline for a while. have a good weekend, all.