Thursday, March 3, 2016

The neocons weigh in

Various Repub members of the "national security community" have delivered a blast at Trump (h/t).  A glance at the list of signatories reveals some big neocon names (though not all are neocons).  This open letter is going to have no effect on Repub primary voters.  As to the substance, many (not all) of the points are, imo, valid, but that's partly because they're pitched at a high level of generality.  It's mildly amusing, in a black-humor sort of way, to see so many supporters of the G.W. Bush admin expressing grave concern about Trump's remarks on torture.

ETA: NYT notes some people who didn't sign the open letter. 


Peter T said...

Definitely dark humour. Outside the US, the view is more like:

hank_F_M said...


On the lighter side.

Have fun

LFC said...

Thanks for the links, both of you. Will get to 'em tomorrow (and post a reaction, I guess).

LFC said...

@Hank -- watched. v. funny. Broderick & Lane are really good. I never saw The Producers, unfortunately.

@Peter T. -- also funny. The Shovel is an Australian site, I take it?

Peter T said...

Yes. Any time you want a bloodthirsty, but slightly less surreal, politics, take a look at Australian goings-on.