Saturday, March 19, 2016

Quote of the day (division of bad predictions)

"Some Hindus dream of going back to the Vedas, some Muslims dream of an Islamic theocracy.  Idle fancies, for there is no going back to the past.... There is only one-way traffic in Time."

-- Nehru in The Discovery of India, as quoted in Walzer, The Paradox of Liberation, p.25 


Peter T said...

Yeah. But people navigate forward by looking backward. As Nehru, inheritor of the Raj, should have known.

LFC said...

Actually, Nehru apparently called himself "the last Englishmen to rule India" (referring to his British education, etc.) in a conversation with then U.S. ambassador J.K. Galbraith (the economist). H/t Walzer's bk again.